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Why “Just Do It” Doesn’t Work

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Here’s a personal story. A few years ago I was at a conference, highly motivated but just couldn’t figure out how to get started and do what was necessary. So I walked up to the speaker and asked “How do you go from idea to action?” And the reply was “Well, you just do it.” As you can imagine my expectations were far higher than this, but this was all I’ve got. 

That’s when I realized that certain educational institutions have ethics and some do not, but this is another story for a different time. 

We all know that we just “have to do it”, hack we all know even “what to do”, but still do not manage to get ourselves to do it, right?! Because we feel that something is not quite in place, we are not there yet, we have internal conversations in our heads that mess with our execution skills. So we get stuck. And as my dear mentor, Paul Martinelli says, STUCK SUCKS

If you are reading this as a professional who sells coaching, mentoring, consulting or any related services, here is a request in the name of us all, please stop saying “Just do it”. It’s annoying and dismissive. You are not helping, you are commanding. And while we are stuck, the least that we need is another command to fail. Just stop it! [read with irony] Thank you. 


Why we get stuck

In the age of information, information it’s not power, what you do with it becomes powerful and the expertise with which you apply it makes you valuable. 

Here are some common elements that make us get stuck:

-we are confronted with limiting beliefs – we do not believe we can do it;

-we have conflicting values – what we value and what we need to do are creating an ideological conflict;

-we are mentally paralyzed by an abyss – we don’t know what, how or when to do, we lack not only information but also skills or people to know that could help us;

-we just don’t have time to do it – we lack prioritization and are caught in a loop that drain us;

Sounds familiar?! 


How to get unstuck

Gain more knowledge and translate a part of it into an actionable step – one simple step that takes you the least energy. If you do not know “how” it means you don’t have enough experience in that field, so get exposure to gain it. 

Use role play to act like the person who is living what you desire. What would that person do all day, how would he/she spend a casual morning, what would be a common breakfast for him/her?! Act out and get in touch with the person who you need to be to achieve your desire. 

Here’s an interesting fact: if something is nudging you, like you think about it more often than usual, you wake up with that idea, you go to sleep with it, you dream of it, you reference it almost on a daily basis – it’s your purpose knocking at your door and waiting for your answer. Are you going to answer it? 

So go get help to identify what holds you back and work on it everyday. 

Stop measuring your future based on your past. 


So there it is, hope I have answered some of your questions. Leave a comment or message me for more. 

Stay curious, 



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