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What questions do I ask as an anthropologist

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As an anthropologist I am more than excited to discover other people’s perspectives and mind maps. I am always amazed at how different and similar we are at the same time. 

Yet, in today’s world you might not get a chance to have long, revealing conversations, so I have a few key questions that I ask just to have a grasp and capture the moment of interaction with another soul. 

Here they are:

  • Is life fair?
  • Are people good or bad?
  • How does God look for you?
  • Is there a destiny or free will?
  • What does it mean to love somebody?


Now, remember, when receiving answers you are not there to judge, nor to correct anyone. You just want to discover more from another perspective. 


Why do I practice exposure to differences?

Having a flexible mind allows me not only to gather information and compile them, but also helps me to build my identity. Whenever I am confronted with information that stunts, infuriates or doesn’t bother me at all, I ask myself why? How come I rejected or accepted that idea so fast? What bothered me the most about it? Why didn’t it bother me at all? 


Here’s a personal story

When I was very young, around 5-6 years old, I developed a habit of asking Why? continuously. Oh, it made my parents go crazy. 

Here are some of my top moments: 

Why are oranges orange? What if they are red, do we still call them oranges? How are people in other countries calling oranges? 

I’ve been raised as a bilingual and was learning my third language. So making all sorts of combinations and parallels between 3 languages was fun (for me 😄 ). 

By now we all remember these moments with laughter and joy, but back then it was really difficult for my parents to try all sorts of explanations that they didn’t even know about – back in the 90s they had no access to the internet, so they couldn’t just google the answers. 

The brilliance of eureka came from my mother, who just one day got fed up with explaining every single thing to me – so she just said “because it wants to!” and puff she silenced me for good. 

So there I was a little kid, stunt by the free will of the orange the fruit being the color orange because it wants to

That moment, right there, changed my life forever. It was such a heavy statement that it guided my life and it still does. Being able to choose whether you want to and also, having the option to choose for yourself was mind blowing. 

I know it might sound silly, but it was one of my turning points. What was yours? 


So there it is, hope I have answered some of your questions. Leave a comment or message me for more. 

Stay curious, 



📷 Photo by kyle smith on Unsplash

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