Mindset & Accountability Coach

"I've turned to Renata while experiencing a state of confusion in my personal life. She helped me regain my focus and strengthen my identity. I never knew how free I can be by applying simple techniques and NLP strategies. I've became aware of how my linguistics influence my results and broke through limiting beliefs. Now I know exactly who I am, what are my values and my priorities. I know that taking care of myself comes first. Forever grateful."
Dora Petruț
Yoga Dance Teacher
"Renáta, every morning when I open up my inbox I skip over all the other emails and do the I AM. Sometimes the prose comes easy, other times I have to squeeze the thoughts out of my head like toothpaste! But I am always happy with them in the end. Thanks X a million gazillion! Today marks the halfway mark for this challenge! So far I am at 100% participation - I bought this mug to both celebrate my accomplishment and to remind me that I have infinite potential because I am a creation of an infinite God. Thanks Renáta for facilitating this project - I have grown in my self-awareness and self-expression as I have explored these aspects of my uniqueness and distinctiveness. It is a priceless gift you have given me."
Michelle Caprio
Director at Wings of Eagles Educational Services
"These beautiful Daily I AM affirmations are helping me not to forget who I truly am, my values, my strengths. After so many years of believing that I am not good enough, not worthy I have started a process of rediscovering myself and these statements helped me continue this process. So grateful for Renata's initiative. Keep up the good work because you are helping people!"
Daiana Moldovan
Marketing Specialist
"Everyday I wake up and write my I AM statements. I have been consistent now for months. I find it interesting that each day, the I AM statement seems to show up in my day. I love this group because it brings awareness of some of I AM's I most likely wouldn't of thought off on my own. And I am together with a community supporting each other."
Karen Fasulo
Breathwork Trainer, Speaker, Coach