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Stop Recycling Ideas – Here’s What to Do Instead

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The internet is currently filled with the same information in a different spin or wording. This is due to creators researching and using ideas that are already out there. Only a very few dig deeper to provide a certain perspective, different sources of reference, actual facts and so on. So we all basically end up with the same information which we are reading over and over again with different pictures or phrased differently. 


Why is this dangerous? 

By recycling the same idea we get stuck in a pattern and it kills our creativity. Also, by being exposed to the same information we tend to not even read it anymore because it’s dull already, right?! 

So there is so much space created for misinformation, misinterpretation, fake news and superficial understanding at a surface level. This tops with the fact that we don’t even read articles anymore, we just go through them diagonally and scan them. No, don’t even get me started on “fast reading”! 


What to do instead

The thing is that we are all human beings and, like it or not, we are much more similar rather than different. Which means we go through the same emotions, feelings and share similar desires and hopes. 

So, instead of recycling information, talk about how you dealt with that information. Because we all grew up in such different environments, which means we developed different skills that serve us at problem solving or just assimilating information. The way we process information and how we act upon them is very unique. So make sure you share your story. 

People are interested in people. It’s that simple. No matter what you think you are not, for others you are more than enough. So speak up and get your voice heard. 


So there it is, hope I have answered some of your questions. Leave a comment or message me for more. 

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