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Procrastinators Becoming Proactive Action Takers


Join the Most Engaging Community where Procrastinators Become Proactive Action Takers with the Ultimate 3 Step S.A.S Blueprint.

This is what this community is all about:​

✅ Knowing WHO you are: identity by values, beliefs, roles
✅ Knowing HOW you get things done: self management by tools, knowledge, skills
✅ Knowing WHAT is your inner strategy: mindset by routines, habits, frameworks
✅ Additional case studies, personal stories and support….and much more.​

Your Daily I AM Statement

The words we use daily determine our perception of the world and ourselves.

Using daily statements that defines our identity serves us on a long run for an authentic self.

This is a 1 year around guided program that will strengthen our core identity so that we will be expressing ourselves freely and living by our values every day.

Join the list of participants who learnt to say yes to themselves and stepped confidently into living their own values.


Join our empowered lesson where we use research-based techniques and step by step approach to leverage the relationship between your thoughts and language.

Learn how to become intentional in your thinking process. Through guided exercises you will engage in being in control of your Mind and make your thoughts visible by using your words intentionally. Master your Conscious and Sub-Conscious Mind to elevate your results.

5 Steps to Solution-Based Thinking

What usually happens is that we commit to our thinking whether it serves us or not. This is the main reason why so many people experience several problems in the same time. Learn how to change your mindset to a Solution Based Thinking Frame that you can apply anytime, anywhere once you learn to master it.

5 Steps to Moving from Confusion to Clarity

As you might already know ignoring an issue won’t lead you to its solution. You need to consciously make a decision on how are going to act upon it. You also need to do your research and make sure that what you choose it’s certain. This is called Clarity and it helps you make an educated decision which suits you the best.

Shifting Your Awareness From Risk To Possibility

Turning risk into possibilities it’s a skill – this means it can be learned. You learn how and what to do in an analytical way, but mostly working on your mindset to seize your opportunities.

Learn how to manage your FEAR and action your DREAM

Your dream might seem farfetched to you now, because you already got accustomed to labeling it as a “dream”, so you haven’t made any specific steps or even a well written out plan to make it happen. You might be afraid and you get stuck at the first draft of your dream. We will guide you through a process of understanding your fear and managing it, in order to get yourself unblocked and set yourself up for action.

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