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Everyday Diversity – a read for eye rollers

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Diversity is a hot topic nowadays, you hear about it in schools, media, business and even at casual events. Most of us have become so accustomed to it that we are just tired of hearing about it. 

Diversity is an element that looks good in our resumes and it’s an impactful marketing tool to use for businesses as part of their image and social responsibility. 


But what’s all the fuss about? 

The thing about Diversity is that it’s an umbrella term, which means that it covers a wide range of topics, attitudes and even policies. It can be a powerful tool and also a road block on so many levels. 

The majority of us are divided on this topic, some might consider that diversity is good and it can enhance our human experiences, while some might consider it bad and view it as a possible danger to our identity. 

Here’s the thing: we are all right. The fact is that Diversity itself, it’s neither good, nor bad. How you use it to accomplish your goals can lead to several consequences – and here lies the difficulty of it. 


Attitudes towards differences

You can not talk about diversity without differences – as it’s the key element of it. Diversity means integrating differences. Now the art of proceeding in an ethical manner and taking into consideration all sides is sort of a challenge. Why? Because we’ve been taught that:

– being different is bad;

– taking a stand is bad;

– standing out of a crowd is bad;

– different is something that we must be afraid of;

– something different is what will put in danger our existence;

and so many more ideas that are based on fear of the unknown


The actual truth

The harsh truth is that you are experiencing diversity in your everyday life all the time. From taking the bus, driving into your workplace, to choosing which book to read, the people from which you are buying your daily coffee – every element is changing constantly in your life. You just don’t realize it. 

Also, nobody will conduct a policy presenting a chaotic lifestyle because there is no interest in it. BUT if you use diversity based on fear directed towards a specific group – now we are talking – this is manipulation, my friend. 

Fear is a spike emotion and it will always be much more intense than the daily ordinary which you are already accustomed to. 

Diversity gives you perspective, it serves as a catalyst on how it can be different. It’s the same process that you are going through while you are trying to generate solutions for an issue you are confronted with. 

It’s the same reason why people travel around the world, to enhance their own experiences and to enlarge their views over the same topics. Being exposed to diversity will create new neural pathways in your mind that will make you a sharper observer, analyst and will make you leverage resolutions a lot faster. 

So for all of you who couldn’t care less about “the overused” subject of diversity for the greater good, go full self-centered and do it for yourselves. 


So there it is, hope I have answered some of your questions. Leave a comment or message me for more. 

Stay curious, 



📷Photo by  Jeffery Erhunse on  Unsplash

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