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Do Not Find Your Purpose, Build It!

Here’s a spoiler: you did not lose your purpose, so you have nothing to find. 

Now, building it – it’s a different story. 


Uhm… what?

Many cultures have a mentality for different ways for you to discover or find your purpose. This can vary from isolating yourself to going on life changing adventures or hikings, from living alone in silence to leveraging your social relationships and so on. 

The thing is that everyone has a theory of how you could discover or find your purpose. 

I am a more practical person, so hear me out: what if you build it? 


Imagine this

You have a blank canvas. You can pick up whichever crayon you desire and paint exactly what you envision for your own self [yes, you have artistic skills in this scenery].

You have no budget or timeframe limitations. You have all the resources in the world to paint your purpose. Here’s the catch: you have to create it yourself. Sounds very good, right?! 


But, are you willing to build it? 

Think about it. 

Are you really willing to build it from scratch? 

Are you willing to put in the effort of designing it, gathering information, learning new skills, testing some parts out of it, investing time, energy; being confronted with failure over and over again until one day you will have built your masterpiece – because now you will have the necessary experience and expertise to do so. 


So, before you go out and search for your purpose like it’s something you already lost just to go back at the end of the day with an overstatement of not finding it. Ask yourself: if you would have ever had it in the first place, could it be lost at all? 

When you build your purpose, you can always rebuild it. It is not losable. 


So there it is, hope I have answered some of your questions. Leave a comment or message me for more. 

Stay curious, 



📷 Photo by Aman Jakhar on Unsplash

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