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What Does It Mean To Have Anthro-Vision?

Some might wonder what’s the hype with anthropologists? Why do big companies hire them? What do they have that is so unique? 


What is Anthro-Vision? 

Anthropologists have developed over the years of experience and study the so-called anthro-vision – the ability to put on their anthropologist lenses and view the world in a different way. 

The main aspect that drives this vision is humanity as a holistic view

While anthropologists have the amazing ability to switch between macro and micro vision over several cultures and historical times, they always have in mind mankind at its best. 

They are always seeking to answer the WHY and HOW will this affect humanity in the long run. What would be the consequences in 5/10/50 years ahead and how it will affect different aspects of everyday life. 


This makes anthropologists great analysts and this is exactly why big data companies hire them for research. 


The Super Skills of Anthropologists

While they can isolate certain situations, they can also present and consider the bigger picture. They have a sense of humanity

They might work in pharma, IT, heavy industries but they also have the ability to think as an individual part of the group which they are working with. 

This means they are highly skilled in empathy and can easily switch context. They dig deep to understand the everyday life, habits and mentality of those who are using a product. 

They can easily deal with ideologies, build long term strategies and excel at sensing where the market goes. 

They can work as individuals and in international teams as well. They can conduct research on their own and report back under harsh conditions. 

They are trail blazers, they go to the most remote locations and establish ways of communication with people who they have never met before. 

They are highly adaptive and highly sensitive in “reading the room”. 

Their super skills make them global citizens.


So there it is, hope I have answered some of your questions. Leave a comment or message me for more. 

Stay curious, 



📷 Photo by Javad Esmaeili on Unsplash

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